I studied at one of the top Art schools in the world, [Savannah College of Art and Design] for a reason. Design is one of my passions and its easy to see that in every design I make.

Branding / Logo

Print / Wearables

World Wide Web

Want to start a new company? Or do you have a existing company that needs a Breath of Fresh Air? I can help by evaluating your market, company's product and your style. I reference this as chipping away the marble to get the timeless presences of a statue.

Whether you are starting out or you need to add more fuel to the fire. Custom designed rack cards, brochures, booklets, stickers and apparel are a great way to make your mark.  We buy product directly from the marker and professional add the design to it to save you money.

Skilled in e-commerce [Online store] websites and responsive [looks good on all devices] websites. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact / Sprout Creatives is a partnering website development company of mine based in Berlin, MD.


This is a minor glimpse of the projects I've worked on. If you want to see more of a certain type of design please contact me.

Oil Gas Tech / Print

Greenridge Brand / Apparel

Dr. Knoll DDS / Branding

A fairly new company that needed to show off the many different aspects of their company to the Oil Industry... Presto the 12 Page Booklet.

New Ag Brand that is in the works. They literally had an idea and brought it to C.gilly to be developed. The seeds are now planted.

Existing Doctor Office that needed a new look and feel. I was hired by Sprout Creatives to come in and redefine the feel of a Dentist.

OFI / Headwear

FNF Poster / Print

Cgilly-Goods / e-Commerce

We are direct partners to 3 major hat makers. With my designs and the best hats around you can be for sure to make a impact on your clients.

You have to bring it when asked to design a Poster for a ministry turning 10 years old and called Friday Night Fire! #fnf

Most e-commerce website run you 10k and up, but I know how to get you that gorgeous Online store you've always wanted for way less.

Workspace Whisperer / Branding

Emmanuel Wesleyan Church / Print

Wilson Brothers Fencing / Branding

Old company needing Brand I.D., with the name alone you don't know what it is, but with a little help of imagery you see they move offices.

I was brought in to redesign the Church Bulletin and I did! I company scraped the traditional style and brought functionality back.

New company start, I worked hand diligently in creating a bold strong look for the Texas Based Fencing company.

Onyx Contractors / Print

Marathon Flow Control / Website

Chick-fil-A / Print

You can't assume 1. People know about your company 2. What all you offer 3. That your company is on their mind. Remind people.

If your website is 3 years old, you need a new one. Google has has set new guidelines that need to follow to be found.

Even the biggest companies need local help. If big brands like State Farm and Chick-fil-A are trusting C.gilly, You Should Too!