I studied at one of the top Art schools in the world, [Savannah College of Art and Design] for a reason. Photography is one of my passions and its easy to see that in every photo I take. For Quotes and Pricing please call or email.


Life's Memories

View & Purchase Portraits

Commercial Photography is what I went to college to study and its been my main focus with C.gilly. My Commercial Photography includes; Interior/Property, Food, Product and Business Portraits.

The basics of my love for photography is how with a snap of a button we all can capture a memory. Now with me I add an artistic / professionalism to it by proper framing, exposure and so on...

Please contact to view and purchase your gorgeous portraits. Also, If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Chase as well.


This is a minor glimpse of the projects I've worked on. If you want to see more of a certain type of photography please contact me.

Barron's Magazine / Commercial

Floors Inc. / Commercial

Waystead Inn Lunchbox / Food

When you do good work, companies like Barron's hires you to do photo shoots for them.

It's pretty fun photographing a 7 million dollar home, but I treat every job like that.

I've been blessed to have an assortment of camera equipment to light and show fine detail.

Resort / Commercial

Senior Portrait / Life Memories

Doctor / Business Portrait

Let me capture the atmosphere of your Resort to show a wonderful preview for your guest.

I love Photographing Sports and Senior Portraits. This shoot was the perfect combo.

All professionals need a great environment portrait. It shows trust and professionalism.

Emily Gilbert Designs / Interior

Lab Worker / Commercial

Kesslie / Bridal Shoot

Years of experience has taught me when to use Studio Lights and when to use Natural Light.

Wondering where you get a Pro Photographer that has industrial experience? Here!

When its right its right! I wanted to capture a southern feel with the Live Oak trees and Moss.



Oilfield Portrait / Commercial

Do let time slip away. It's now time for that Family Portrait you've been putting off!

Don't assume people know what you have! Let me create a digital and print catalog for you.

You always need real and good looking photographs to promote your business.